Nagatsu Precision Mold Co., Ltd. is a high-precision plastic mold manufacturer. 



Toshikiyo Makino,CEO (Left)
Kiyoshi Yamanoi,COO

On behalf of all the workers at Nagatsu Precision Mold, to express our gratitude and appreciation,I would like to thank you for your generous patronage and support.
To boost motivation on our job, we recently created a motto.
By the time of the Meiji Restoration, the western technologies were brought into Japan and, plus the spirit of Japanese, we created “Analog Spirit with Digital Skills” based on a Japanese idiom “Wakon Yosai”.
I am confident that we can provide high quality molds to you by fusing an “analog spirit” with “digital skills”.

Toshikiyo Makino, CEO

A while ago, no one can imagine that the market is full of products which bring convenience to people’s life alongside with the progress in IT technology.
They are increasingly smaller and heading in a direction of greater sophisticated and higher precision,yet molds continue an unbroken line of descent from the past as indispensable technology for the mass-production of these products.
We might say that molds support the progress of products and technologies.
By staking an earnest challenge to mold manufacture,injecting passion into our work,surmounting difficulties and delivering the highest quality,I am absolutely sure that Nagatsu Precision Mold is contributing to the progress of products and technologies and, by that same token,the development of an affluent society.

Kiyoshi Yamanoi, COO

Power of SMEs(13:07) Broadcasted March 2011


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