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Nagatsu Precision Mold is a leader in the world of high-precision injection mold manufacture with a long history and illustrious record of performance. The molds produced by Nagatsu support the mass-production of many products that help to make life more affluent. Behind these molds is the passion of our workforce whose lone desire is to make a better mold.

Products and services offered by Nagatsu

We do it all from mold to product, so you don’t have to.

Nagatsu is a one-stop-shop that can do it all from mass-production molding and secondary processing (coating, printing and subassembly) to measurement and inspection of molded products, on a core axis of mold design and manufacture.
Years of experience have taught us how to make molds that are highly precise, durable and easy to use in mass-production. And, because we can see things from both the mold side (mold design and manufacture) and product side (mass-production molding), we go deeper and in greater detail with the products and services we offer, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.
We also process precision parts using the know-how and equipment developed in the manufacture of precision molds.

Visit our solutions site at「精密部品加工センター.com

Mold sales flow

Molded product sales flow

Why choose Nagatsu

We offer high-quality precision processing of products, too, at affordable prices!

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精密部品加工センター.com is Nagatsu’s solutions website.
We use the same quality management system that we developed to manufacture molds to super-high degrees of precision to provide precision parts processing services at affordable prices.

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