Why choose Nagatsu

OUR SPECIALITY 01 High performance and durability

Complex shapes require flexible ideas, precision parts require precision craftsmanship and multiple-cavity, high-cycle molding requires accuracy and toughness.
Needless to say, to mold a better product, mold design must bring together drive, precision and processing technologies. Owing to years of know-how and a proactive stance on introducing new technologies, Nagatsu has proven to be open-minded and highly reliable when it comes to mold design.
The internal systems we have built take design, processing and quality management to enviable levels and give us the means to provide molds that meet virtually every need imaginable.

OUR SPECIALITY 02 Correction technologies

Let’s face it: molded products shrink. Therefore, molds must be designed to “correct” this shrinkage and any possible deformation.
Moreover, since this shrinkage and deformation are not uniform and vary according to product shape, resin orientation and a host of other factors, correction technologies that are effective to within 1 µm of measurement data are absolutely essential with – for example -- long rounded products like lens barrels for cameras and projectors.
At Nagatsu, we have enhanced the efficiency of our "correction" work by using fluid analysis to predict deformation and incorporating that into our mold design process.
Our excellent correction technology enables us to manufacture molds for high-precision parts with high productivity.

OUR SPECIALITY 03 Molding know-how

In addition to mass-production molding with a wide range of materials from general resins to super-engineering plastics, we perform composite molding and a variety of secondary processes that add value to molded products like post-processing, coating and assembly.
By applying what we have learned from mold design and manufacture to mass-production molding, we have effectively broadened and enriched our know-how.
Let Nagatsu take care of your small lot production or prototyping needs.

OUR SPECIALITY 04 Solution-ready

Product development expectedly puts “customer preferences” front and center, but our vast experience has prepared us to handle almost any kind of request that comes our way.
Because we are more than familiar with what happens across design and mass-production, there is a lot that we can do in terms of support.
Moreover, rest assured -- Nagatsu responds swiftly to urgent requests.

OUR SPECIALITY 05 Quality management

Our quality management system at Nagatsu is based on process control, quality testing and quality improvement themes. In order isolate problems at the source, we carefully manage every process so that problems do not flow downstream to the next and subsequent processes.
We do this through a plethora of tests and measurements using the latest instruments, including Ultrahigh Accurate 3D Profilometer (coordinate measuring machine), CNC image measuring instrument, and systems for measuring surface roughness and roundness.
We also have 3D scanners that can accommodate actual products.
Our quality management efforts not only assure customers the precision and quality they want and expect, but also help them speedily move into mass-production.

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